Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Review of Ken Hart’s The Eyes Behold Tomorrow

(Pensacola, FL: World Castle Publishing, 2014), ISBN: 9781629891163 (print edition)

A few months ago I reviewed Ken Hart’s debut novel, Behind the Gem (Gypsy Shadow Publishing, 2010), which I found to be an enjoyable and well-paced science fiction adventure with a heart.
In his follow-up, The Eyes Behold Tomorrow, Hart uses a similar setup—a human male transplanted on a planet with a female-dominated, more advanced alien race, a situation that leads to political intrigue as well as a considerable amount of romance—but it is there that the similarities end.
The protagonist of The Eyes Behold Tomorrow, namesake of the pirate Edward Teach (“Blackbeard’), has little in common with the former Army Ranger of Behind the Gem. Teach is a playboy genius with sharp business sense and a wild side. When Earth is threatened by aliens, Teach is chosen to enter the pilot training program of a benevolent race called the Feletians.
His training, evaluation, and appointment to the Feletian fleet is the highlight of the book. Fans of Star Trek and the iconic James T. Kirk will appreciate his impulsive, cocksure attitude, and the situations it puts him in (and gets him out of). Much of the dialogue on the bridge of the ship, between captains, and between the captains and their bureaucratic overseers recalls the very best of both the Original Series and Next Generation.
The descriptions of both ship technology (propulsion, weapons) and the various technologies of the other planets are detailed enough to make the story real without overloading the reader with needless technical jargon.
For those interested in the romantic angle that sets Behind the Gem apart from drier science fiction, The Eyes Behold Tomorrow delivers not only romance and family but a bit more sexual content than its predecessor, although it never becomes graphic.
I look forward to reading more from this author.
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